How do I use FamilyMint along with my children's youth savings accounts?

To keep things really safe, there is no integration between FamilyMint and your credit union or bank.  FamilyMint is means for your children to keep track of all of their money and goals.  Think of it as the modern replacement of the piggy bank.  We do however recommend you open a Youth Savings account if you don't have one already at your credit union or bank. 

The good news is, by using both, you'll get the benefits of both!  FamilyMint is great for setting and achieving goals and empowering your kids to see the big picture across all of their finances. FamilyMint lets them learn by doing, and allows you to take advantage of all those daily teachable moments that naturally happen when you are acting as the banker.  A youth saving account is a fundamental building block in getting your kids ready for the real world.  With a youth savings account you can take them to visit an actual financial institution, walk through the monthly statements that come in the mail, and review the differences between what's occurring in FamilyMint vs. the youth savings account.

This raises an obvious question: How do I use FamilyMint along with my children's youth savings accounts?  The image below describes simply how to distinguish between FamilyMint (the tool where the child manages their short term savings at home) and their Youth Savings Account where they manage their long term savings.






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