Basic Navigation - 'Junior' Child

Just like any new application, it takes a little bit to get used to and figure your way around the landscape.  This basic navigation will hopefully help make it a little easier.


  1. Tell a Friend - Click here to tell all of your friends and family about FamilyMint.  Help us spread the word.
  2. Advanced - Click here to go to the Advanced child interface
  3. Help - Click here to be taken to FamilyMint's Forum and Support for tutorial videos and help topics under Forum/Getting Started.
  4. Logout - Click here to log out of current profile.
  5. Home - Junior child home tab.  See, manage and create your goals here, and perform transactions.
  6. Manage Goals - This is where you go to edit existing goals, by selecting the goal profile picture.  See Creating and Modifying Goals for more information.
  7. Transactions - Shows detailed transaction history defaulted to 90 days.  Specific dates can be selected by clicking on the calendars and then clicking Apply Filter.  Columns can be sorted by clicking on the column heading.
  8. General Savings Balance - Shows all available funds in General Savings and unlocked goals.
  9. Account Balance Summary - Child's Current, and Spendable Balance.
  10. Create Goal - Click here to create a new goal.  See Creating and Modifying Goals for more information.
  11. Piggy - Click the Plus(+) icon for deposits, the Arrow icon for transfers and the Minus(-) icon for withdrawals.
  12. Children Profile - Click on the profile card to edit user name, password or profile image.
  13. Goals Area - Snapshot of all the child's goals.  Click on any goal to edit, or make a deposit, withdrawal or transfer.


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