Basic Navigation - Parent & Advanced Child

Just like any new application, it takes a little bit to get used to and figure your way around the landscape.  This basic navigation will hopefully help make it a little easier.


  1. Home - Click here to go back to the Parent Home page.
  2. Tell a Friend - Click here to tell all of your friends and family about FamilyMint.  Help us spread the word.
  3. Settings - Click here to edit your bank settings including bank name, user name, password, etc...
  4. Help - Click here to be taken to FamilyMint's Forum and Support for tutorial videos and help topics under Forum/Getting Started.
  5. Logout - Click here to log out of current profile.  You will automatically be logged off after 20 minutes of no activity.
  6. FamilyMint Version - This is the version of FamilyMint you are currently using.  Everyone starts out with a 30 day free trial of the Premium version.
  7. Account Balance Summary - Child's Current, Approved and Spendable Balance.
  8. Children Profiles - Profiles of each created child.  Mouse over to see balance information displayed above in Account Balance Summary or click on profile picture to change to that child's information.
  9. Scrolling Bar - Only three children profiles show at a time. If you have more than three children, you can scroll through them using the scroll bar below their profile pictures.
  10. Advertisement (Free version only) - Advertisements are displayed in the Free version of FamilyMint.  If you prefer not to see ads, you can click on upgrade now to get our Premium version.
  11. Accounts - Provides an overview of child's account information including whether a goal is matched or not (available in Premium only), status bar describing status to goal, current balance in each goal and total cost of goal.  Click on any goal to edit.
  12. Create Goals - Click here to create a new goal.  See Creating and Modifying Goals for more information.
  13. Savings Plan (Premium Version only) - Allows you or your kids to automatically distribute deposits into multiple accounts based on percentages you define. 
  14. Transactions - Shows detailed transaction history defaulted to 90 days.  Specific dates can be selected by clicking on the calendars and then clicking Apply Filter.  Columns can be sorted by clicking on the column heading
  15. Account Information - Provides balance information, and allows you to edit automatic allowance and Interest payments (Premium version only).  This is only editable by the Bank.
  16. Edit Profile - Allows both Bank and Child to update profile information including User name and Password.
  17. Remove User - If you wish to delete a child's profile, click on the Remove User button.  This action will delete this child's profile completely. All their data will be deleted forever!  Also note that a username cannot be reused one a user is removed.





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