Approving or Denying Pending Transactions

As the banker, your primary job, if you have selected Deposit Approval Required and or Withdrawal Approval Required, is to approve or deny transactions. 

Pending transactions will display in the Pending Transactions tab until approved or denied. 


Automated deposits such as Allowance or Interest do not require approval.  Deposits, transfers between accounts and withdrawals do. 

Similar to the transaction screen, all transactions are automatically sorted by date.  You can sort by most any of the headers by clicking the header. 

There are two ways to approve transactions:

  1. Accept All - Allows you to do a quick scan of the transactions and if everything is on the up and up, you simply click the Accept All button next to the calendar and your done!
  2. Accept/Deny - Click on the Accept or Deny box individually for each transaction.

If transactions have not been approved or denied, the children will see Pending next to those transactions.  This tends to lead to their nagging you to get in there and approve their transactions.




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