Custom Image - How to upload custom images for profiles and goals.

 You can either select a default image or images/pictures can be uploaded for a child's profile and for every goal created.

  • To update a goal image, select the Edit Goal icon or button.
  • To update a child's image, first navigate to the Edit Profile tab toward the bottom of the parent's window.  Edit Profile.jpg
  • Click on the image to edit it, then select Browse under the Upload a Custom Image window. 


  • Select the folder on your hard drive where the image/picture is stored, then select the picture and click open.  Note the maximum size for the picture is 8 megabytes.
  • Click Upload, next to the Browse button.
  • A pop up will appear stating 'Your Request was Processed Successfully!', click OK, then click Close Window.
  • Click Save, which will open a pop up saying your update was successful.  Click OK and you're done!


Hint - Your kids can upload specific images of the goals they are saving for.

  • Go to or online retailer where you normally browse and find the product your child is interested in.
  • Right click on the product image and click on Save Image As.
  • Save image to your Desktop for easy reference or other folder of your choosing.
  • That's it.  Now follow the steps above to upload image.


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    Kasandra - yes, you can change a child's picture at any time.  To update a child's image, first navigate to the Edit Profile tab toward the bottom of the parent's window, then click on the image to update it.   Or a child can to this themselves from within their profile. We've added some additional information to the help file to make it more clear.  Hope this helps! 

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    Liza Greene

    Thanks for all these ideas, makes it more fun for the kids!

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    Charlie Rader

    We followed these steps, and got an upload successful, but we have one image that does not display.  It is a jpg as well

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    Charlie - could you email a copy of the picture to us?  This will help us troubleshoot what might be going wrong for you.  Please send it to  Thanks!

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    Jeff Eusebio

    Charlie - one additional thought... your picture may be too large.  Try reducing the size and upload again.  The maximum file size is 8MB. 

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    Kasandra Alexander

    Can I upload an image for there user picture after I create the new user

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