Settings - Changing the banker profile and bank settings

Settings is where you go to change Banker profile information and Bank Settings.  Please see our Glossary of Terms for detailed field descriptions. 


  1. First Name (Required) - Enter banker's first name. 
  2. Last Name (Required) - Enter banker's last name.
  3. Nickname (Optional) - Enter what you wish to be referred to as (e.g. "Mommy", "Daddy"). 
  4. User Name (Required) - Enter in your unique log in name (e.g. "uofmfan32").  User name must be unique and not used by anyone else using FamilyMint.
  5. Birth Date (Required) - Select the month, day and year of the user's birth.  This information is required as part of measures used to comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. Personally Identifiable Information is not collected for children under 13.  Be sure to enter your correct birth date as this is required to retrieve a lost password.
  6. Gender (Required) - Select user's gender, which is used to make it easier to personalize the experience using FamilyMint.
  7. Password (Required) - Enter a password that uses a combination of at least 6 letters and numbers.  Passwords are required along with the User Name to log in to FamilyMint. 
  8. Email (Required) -  Enter email address, which will allow FamilyMint to communicate with you and send you your User Name and Password should you forget it.
  9. Zip (Required) - Enter your 6 to 10 digit zip code.  This helps us know where in the world you are.
  10. Bank Name (Required) - Enter the name you'd like to use to refer to your family's bank.
  11. Deposit Approval Required - If checked, deposits your child makes into their account must be approved by a banker before they earn interest or are available to withdraw. Once approved, the deposit will be added to the Approved Balance.  The box is checked as the default.
  12. Withdrawal Approval Required - If checked, withdrawals your child makes from their account must be approved by you before they are deducted from the Approved Balance.  The box is checked as the default.

Select Save Changes and you're all done! 

For more information, please reference the FamilyMint Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


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