Create User - Setting up a Child or Banker in FamilyMint

FamilyMint allows you to have as many users as you like.   There are two types of user profiles within FamilyMint:

  • Banker - A banker has the ability to see all child profiles, approve or deny transactions and set up or modify allowance, interest or matching settings (Premium version only).  You can have one or more banker profiles, i.e. Mom and Dad could each have their own profile.
    • An email confirmation will be sent to the other banker(s) upon completing their profile information.
    • The new banker must click the link within the email to confirm the email address and accept that they have read the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy before they can log in.
  • Child - A child can only see and edit their own account and profile information.  A child cannot set up or modify allowance, interest or matching settings.

It's quick and easy to set up a user profile.  It's a good idea to have your child with you when you set up their profile as you'll want their input as to their User Name, Password, and Profile Picture; although they can change any of these at a later date.  

Please see our Glossary of Terms for detailed field descriptions. 

Note - If your child is under 13, we do not collect their e-mail address.


  1. Select either 'Child' or 'Banker' for User Type.  (Required)
  2. First Name (Required) - Enter only user's first name.
  3. Nickname (Optional) - Enter what you wish to be referred to as (e.g. "Mommy", "Buddy").  The nickname will be used on most of the screens within FamilyMint.  First name will be used in place of Nickname if left  blank.
  4. User Name (Required) - Enter in your unique log in name (e.g. "uofmfan32").  User name must be unique and not used by anyone else using FamilyMint.
  5. Zip (Required) - Enter your 6 to 10 digit zip code.  This helps us know where in the world you are.
  6. Gender (Required) - Select users gender, which is used to make it easier to personalize the experience using FamilyMint, and helps us ensure both boys and girls are equally getting value out of the application. 
  7. Birth Date (Required) - Select the month, day and year of the users birth.  This information is required as part of measures used to comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. Personally Identifiable Information is not collected for children under 13.  Be sure to enter your correct birth date as this is required to retrieve a lost password for parents.
  8. Password (Required) - Enter a password that uses a combination of at least 6 letters and numbers.  Passwords are required along with the User Name to log in to FamilyMint. 
  9. Email (Optional) -  Enter user's email address, which will allow FamilyMint to communicate with you and send you your User Name and Password should you forget it (Banker Only).  Email is not available for children less than 13.
  10. Image (Optional - Child Only) -  Click on the current image to change it to one supplied or upload your own from your computer. If you upload your own, the system will automatically resize it for you during the upload process.
  11. Allowance (Premium version only) - Amount (Optional - Child Only) -  Enter the amount you wish to pay your child.
  12. Allowance (Premium version only) - Interval (Optional - Child Only) - Select the interval at which allowance is to automatically be paid.  Allowance is paid at 12:01A on Fridays (weekly), 2nd and 4th Friday (bi-weekly) and the last Friday of the month (monthly).
  13. Interest (Premium version only) - Rate(APY) % (Optional - Child Only) - Enter the interest rate you wish to pay your child as a means to encourage saving and teach the appreciation of the dollar. 
  14. Interest (Premium version only) - Interval (Optional - Child Only) - Select the interval at which interest is to automatically be paid.  Interest is paid similarly to Allowance.  If you enter 10% Monthly, FamilyMint will calculate the interest you will pay for every $100 your child has saved.

Select Save and you're all done!  Now is a great time to make an initial deposit into your child's account.  Have them gather up all their money and give it to you, the banker.

For more information, please reference the FamilyMint Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


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